Instagram Influencer Rates

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For those of you who are aspiring Instagram influencers, you would definitely want to know how much money you can make per post. The amount varies for the different types of influencers, but the good news is you don’t have to be ultra famous or have millions of followers to start earning money from your posts. Let’s look at the … Read More

The Giveaway That is Becoming a Trend on Instagram

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If you have been running or joining contests frequently, you would have noticed that there is a certain pattern trending for the kind of giveaways that are happening. Instead of just following one or two accounts to be eligible for the contest, Instagrammers are now required to follow a whole group of people to get a bigger prize and there … Read More

How to Get Shoutouts on YouTube

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How to Get YouTube Shoutouts A YouTube shoutout is when a YouTuber links the channel of another YouTuber at the end of their video, most likely someone who creates similar videos. This is different from a collaboration in a sense that the person giving the shoutout did not work on the video together with the person whose channel he or … Read More

How to Get Instagram Shout Outs for FREE

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How to Get an Instagram Shoutout for FREE What is an Instagram Shoutout? For those of you who are absolutely clueless about this, an Instagram shoutout is when a popular Instagram account asks their followers to follow another account, normally accompanied by a photo or video from the account which they want their followers to follow. This works in 2 … Read More

How to Go Viral on Twitter

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How to go viral on twitter

With 313 million active users a month and 500 million tweets sent a DAY, it is apparent that Twitter is far from dying off. But maybe you’ve been toying around with Facebook and Instagram instead lately and have lost touch with how to market yourself on Twitter. Maybe you have many followers but are still unable to get your tweet … Read More

Best 15 Apps to Use Together with Instagram

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In previous posts, we’ve mentioned that it’s important to have high quality photos and eye-catching content as one of the ways to get more followers and likes. However, you don’t need to worry if you only have basic photo-taking skills. There are tons of apps in the market to help you to edit photos and create interesting content. Here’s a … Read More

How to Get More Likes on Instagram for Your Business

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So, you’ve created an Instagram account for your business and you’ve posted quite a number of photos, but somehow the photos are just not getting as much likes as you would, well, like. This is common if you do not strategize on your photos and postings. Read the tips below to find out how to increase the amount of likes … Read More

How to Become Insta-famous

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How to become insta-famous

How many times have you looked at an influencer’s Instagram page and went green with envy from seeing all their sponsored vacation trips? Have you ever thought to yourself that you could be the one holding that latest gadget which they received for free? If you have, continue reading on to find out how to be insta-famous, after which the … Read More

A Complete Guide on How to Use Instagram Stories

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A Complete Guide of How to Use Instagram Stories

For those of you who are still relatively new to this, Instagram Stories is a perfect example of “the student who surpassed the master”. The master, in this case, being Snapchat. When Stories was first launched on Instagram, people scoffed and accused Instagram of being a copycat. And yet these very same people are part of those who are using … Read More

The Top YouTube Earners and How They Earn

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  You probably have watched some YouTube videos and thought to yourself, “This seems easy to film!” or “I could do that too!” and maybe you can, but do you know how to maximize the earnings from your YouTube channel? Here are some of the ways that YouTubers earn money. : This is the easiest and fastest way to make … Read More